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The matter of architecture


The Fundación Miguel Fisac, constituted to spread the values of the works and legacy of the architect Miguel Fisac (1913-2006), intends to start a study and a debate about the contribution of his work to contemporary architecture. In order to do this, it has taken the initiative of organizing an International Congress of Architecture once every two years will focus on significant aspects of current architectonic practice.

In 2005, the Colegio de Arquitectos de Ciudad Real organized a Symposium on the figure of Miguel Fisac, an act of recognition of his professional trajectory, who was able to count on the participation of Carlos Asensio-Wandosell, José Manuel López-Peláez, José María Fernández-Isla, Francisco Arques Soler, Luis Fernández-Galiano y Alberto Campo Baeza. However, the Fundación Miguel Fisac would like to place the celebration of this 1st Congress within a more ample field of study, divulgation and debate of contemporary architecture.

This 1st Congress has the title of The matter of architecture. The aim is to make the physical component of architecture the object of reflection and debate. This is an aspect explored and valued by Miguel Fisac from his architectonic practice, through the experimentation with the different materials he used during his long professional career, and which constitutes, a point of meditation between architectonic conception and construction.


Wednesday 17.10.2007

Thursday 18.10.2007

Friday 19.10.2007

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Organized by The Miguel Fisac foundation and directed by the architect Francis Arques, was celebrated from 17 to 19 of October, 2007, First International Congress of Architecture Miguel Fisac “The Mather of Architecture”
The convent of the Dominicans of the town welcomed this first congress that called to a huge number of architects, experts and students as well as speakers and national and international communicants of recognized prestige.
The opening act was presided by Jose Maria Barreda, President of Castilla La Mancha, Ramon Ruiz Valdepeñas, president of Miguel Fisac foundation, and Luis Maldonado, Mayor of Ciudad Real.
The First International Congress Miguel Fisac concluded with the unanimous approval of all the participants, no only the organization and development of it, but especially, for its high level in content.    


Arrival of the authorities to the Asuncion Calatrava cloister of Almagro
The priest Vicente Diaz accompanies to the authorities: Jose Maria Barreda, president of Castilla la Mancha, Ramon Ruiz-Valdepeñas president of Miguel Fisac foundation, Luis Maldonado, Mayor of Almagro and Julian Sanchez Pingarron, Ordenacion and housing councillor and Ana Mª Badell, Fisac widow.
José Maria Barreda, president of Castilla la Mancha, greets to Miguel Fisac family.
José Maria presides over the opening ceremony with Ramon Ruiz-Valdepeñas, president of Miguel Fisac foundation and Luis Maldonado, Mayor of Almagro.
Opening ceremony: conference room in the Asunción Calatrava cloister.


The family of Miguel Fisac in the opening ceremony.
Opening lesson: Luís Fernandez Galiano, Francesco Dal Co y Francisco Arques, congress director.
Opening lesson

Grettings of the attendees.

Night visit to Almagro guided by Luis Maldonado, Mayor of the town.

Comunication table

Luís Moreno Mansilla

 Cino Zucchi

 Iñaki Bergera

Peter Buchanan

Comunication table.

Round table with K. Kuma, Juhani Pallasmaa, Carles Muro, Luís Martínez Santa-María and Francisco Arques

Ramón Ruiz-Valdepeñas, Peter Buchanan, Cino Zuchi y Francisco Arques

Conference room.

Attendees to the congress.

Attendees to the congress

Attendees to the congress in the convent cloister.


Manuel Urtiaga de Vivar, Dean of The architects college in CLM whit Ramon Ruiz Valdepeñas, foundation president.


Conference room. 


W. Curtis with the president and other congress attendees.


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