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Objectives of the Foundation

     1. Cataloguing and classification of the archive

Amongst its basic objectives, the Miguel Fisac Foundation has the safekeeping, classification and restoration of Miguel Fisac’s documents archive. To fulfil this necessary goal the Foundation manages the legacy of Miguel Fisac directly, which is presently being catalogued, digitalized and classified. In the future, when the digitalization of Miguel Fisac’s whole works is completed, the Foundation will be able to make available to scholars and experts the complete/entire works by Miguel Fisac through this web page.

In the present, Sira Díaz Caminero is the Document/file/archive Librarian of the Foundation.

     2. Promotion and diffusion of Miguel Fisac  

With the name of The Miguel Fisac Foundation was created an organization with a non-profit financial character, founded under a charitable charter which has amongst its aims:
In order to do this, the Foundation will organize exhibitions, talks, discussions, seminars, congresses, symposiums, publishing/publications and any other activity aimed to the consecution of this end/objective.

In short, the Miguel Fisac Foundation is an institution set up/created to transmit the values of the works and legacy of the architect Miguel Fisac (1913-2006), who was born in La Mancha but enjoyed/gained an international dimension.

     3. Promotion and diffusion of architecture  

Another of the primary objectives of the Foundation included in its articles are:
Thus, the Foundation will be able to take part in the development of proposals made by other organizations which have similar or complementary activities to the Foundation.

    4. Research projects

The Miguel Fisac Foundation, which administers the archive of Fisac’s Legacy, is making available this archive to all scholars, experts and people interested in learning, studying and spreading the works by Miguel Fisac.

Since the establishment of the Foundation, in October 2006, there have been many registered requests of documents and designs for writing essays, doctoral thesis and general educational papers/compositions as well as for publishing books and specialized magazines.

The Miguel Fisac Foundation also carries out an important advisory and informative work for the preservation and restoration of Miguel Fisac’s works.

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