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The Foundation Miguel Fisac was established on 22nd November 2006, fulfilling the commitment made by the Architects Association of Ciudad Real on acquiring of the complete archive of Miguel Fisac. The adquisition had been realized when Ramon Ruiz Valdepeñas was the Presidente of the Architects Asociation of Ciudad Real. He was the Presidente of the Foundation Miguel Fisac fron his origin to 2015.

Miguel Fisac Serna developed his professional career away from the land of his birth. He had a critical, even distant, attitude towards his homeland because of the lack of understanding with which, according to him, they regarded his work.

However, during the last years of his life, the Architects Association of Ciudad Real did its best to bring about a rapprochement to the person and to the architect. Nowadays there is no doubt that Miguel Fisac is one of the main figures of Spanish architecture in the twentieth century. This fact was appropriately acknowledged through a series of gestures. One of the most important procedures was organizing the First Miguel Fisac Symposium and also the acquisition of his complete archive, with the implicit agreement to manage it adequately.

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