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Cristobal Halffter, “Friend of the Foundation”

Published: March 25, 2008

At the last meeting of the Board of Trustees, which took place on 11th January, it was unanimously agreed to appoint Cristobal Halffter, Spanish musician and composer, as a “Friend of the Foundation”.

 This is a status included in the Foundation’s 28th Article of Incorporation, reserved for personalities who identify with the aims and objectives of this institution.

 We should remember that Cristobal Halffter had an unconditional friendship with the architect Miguel Fisac and a close enduring relationship with his family. He is the author of the Ode In Memoriam de Anäik, composed in memory of one of Fisac’s daughters, who died at the age of six.

 Cristobal Halffter has personally expressed his acceptance and his gratitude to the Foundation for this appointment and according to his own words, “he will always support the memory and recognition of the great man and undisputed artist that Miguel Fisac undoubtedly was”.


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