Centenario Fisac

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ARQAno +10 awards the work for the Colegio Apostólico de los PP. Dominicos in Valladolid

Published: May 15, 2008

The jury of the First Architecture Prize ARQAno, convened by the Architects Association of Leon, decided unanimously to bestow the award ARQAno +10 to the work for the Colegio Apostólico de los PP. Dominicos, by Miguel Fisac. According to the criteria established by the rules of the contest, this distinction awards the validity of the architectonic concepts and the capacity to efficiently satisfy functional requirements and demands that come with the passing of time.

 The prize-giving event, held at the Architects Association Headquarters in Leon last April, was attended by Amparo Fisac, niece of Miguel Fisac, who received the award.


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