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Editorial Presentation: "Santa Ana de Moratalaz"

Published: June 23, 2008



The Miguel Fisac Foundation was host to the presentation of the book titled “Santa Ana de Moratalaz 1965-1971”, written by Eduardo Delgado. The book begins by depicting different churches designed by Miguel Fisac, going on to focus on its main subject, the church of Santa Ana in Madrid.

This book, published by the Architects Association of Almeria, has been published using the archives of Miguel Fisac’s legacy. This new title adds to the collection “Architecture Archives, Twentieth Century Spain”, one of the main publishing themes of the Architects Association of Andalucía.

Ramon Ruiz-Valdepeñas, Chairman of the Miguel Fisac Foundation; Luis Cano, Dean of the Architects Association of Almeria; Miguel Centellas, editor of the book, and the author, Eduardo Delgado attended this presentation.


New Friends of the Foundation

Published: June 20, 2008

In the last meeting, held in June, the Board of Trustees of the Miguel Fisac Foundation unanimously agreed to appoint the architects Juan Monjo Carrió, Luis Fernandez Galiano and Fernando Espuelas Cid as “Friends of the Foundation”.

 “Friends of the Foundation” is a legal status included in the Articles of Incorporation of the Miguel Fisac Foundation. It is reserved for those individuals or institutions that identify with the aims and objectives of the Foundation.

 These three new “Friends of the Foundation” were delighted to accept this appointment and expressed their gratitude and pride to belong and to be able to collaborate with this institution.


Miguel Fisac’s house in Almagro opens its doors to the public

Published: June 12, 2008



Almagro City Council (Ciudad Real), has signed an agreement with Ana Maria Badell, Fisac’s widow, by which his house, located at De las Cruces Street, has been opened to be visited by the public. The home owned by the winner of the Architecture National Prize 2003, houses an extensive collection of sketches, paintings and other works and belongings of the architect born in Daimiel, La Mancha, in 1913.

 It is an old dairy, with the peculiarities characteristic of this type of building that Fisac refurbished to make it into an occasional home, where he spent long periods. The opening hours for guided visits are from Tuesday to Friday, from 10:00 am till 14:00 pm and from 17:00 pm till 20:00 pm.


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