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Published: March 05, 2012


Tribute to the architect Enric Miralles on the 10th anniversary of his death

Published: July 06, 2010

The architect Enric Miralles was the subject of a heartfelt homage last Saturday, on the 10th anniversary of his death. The event was organized by his widow and partner at their architecture studio, Benedetta Tagliabue and EMBT, the studio founded by both of them. Those present enjoyed live music and a family picnic.

The artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada, from Galería N2 Lassaletta y Carulla, worked from the early hours on a large scale portrait of Enric Miralles.

Enric Miralles (Barcelona 1955, Sant Feliu de Codines 2000) was considered the most promising architect of his time. Through his work he built his own language in which the landscape dictated the shape of his buildings. Miralles designed ground-breaking projects such as the pavilion for Rhythmic Gymnastics in Alicante, the school in Morella, the Archery Installation for the Olympic Games in Barcelona, the Sports Centre in Huesca or the Cemetery in Igualada.

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